Freestyle routine week 7/16/2012 – Carissma Blue – Good old fashion down and dirty

A couple weeks ago, Erin thought it would be a good idea to start video taping our freestyle one minute routines since we sometimes come up with some pretty awesome combinations. I am more into rock music or bouncy hi hop kind of music, but I had a change of pace this past week and tried Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex Love Songs. I wanted to do something more sexy and slow. The routine is a bit more awkward then I like. I think it has more to do with my music choice. I just wasn’t “feeling” the music. But it turn out ok.

Marley and Shooting Star- Cathe

Yesterday, I learned an important lesson: don’t put your water bottle on the back of the toilet. Especially when you are running from tricks class to go to a fitness class. It’s lame when you have no water for a fitness class.

During tricks class I learned about two awesome tricks and tried them out for the first time. I took pictures after tricks class and then again after my fitness class. There was definitely improvement in the second set of pictures.

Variation of the Marley


One hour later after my fitness class

Shooting Star

One hour later after my fitness class

The reason why I carry backup clothes- Vera

On monday, I washed my workout clothes that I normally wear. Then I packed my bag to go to a fitness class. On Tuesday, I just grabbed my bag with out re-packing it for dance and tricks. This is the reason why I always keep a pair of shorts and bra in my bag that I don’t really like. They just hangout on the bottom of my bag most of the time, but yesterday I was really happy they were there.

I worked on perfecting the duchess.


I learned it looks better if you don’t hold your neck up.

I also continued to work on the remi. This if the first time I ever laid back that far. I am excited to keep working on this one. I was pretty low on the pole when I started this one, so I basically ended up on the ground.


I really want to be able to do the titanic then invert by the shoulder mount. Right now, I can tuck into a ball.

Next, I want to do a shoulder mount to a firefly without going all the way to the ground then titanic up and work on shoulder mounting all the way up.

modified Iguana? – Pia

The Iguana hold – a trick I just got recently more comfortable with.
It’s easiest to go into it from your layback. The problem I still have though is my sweaty hands. It feels like I’m so close to fall. So to do the trick I have to climb up with my towel and wipe again before I actually take my legs off the pole. Pretty annoying, but worth it though.

Question of the Week? 7/23/2012

So I have a question for all you pole dancers. I am in desperate need of a good pair of pole shorts. I need a pair that don’t ride. Where did you find your shorts and which ones do you like best?

Cathe- I currently have four pair of shorts.

My black running shorts.

-I really likes these, I wear them a lot. I got them from target over a year ago. They are fully covering, maybe a little too much but they do bunch up so I can still do a pole sit in them. I normally roll the top down a couple of times and they still look good.

The gyms knockout bodies shorts

-These are more like boy short underwear than shorts. I really like them but they are not fully covering. My bum is not fully cover in these which is fun sometimes.

I will take a better picture of these later.

Youth rainbow shorts

-These shorts are awesome and fun. I do need to wear underwear under them because they are not tight around my thigh. I got them at dicks sporting goods in the youth clearance section.

Pink volley ball shorts.

-I don’t like these shorts. They are a little too tight for me. They also are made to go over your belly button and don’t really look good when I roll them down. They don’t stay rolled down either. They are not comfortable to wear without underwear because the seams are not covered. I also got these at Dick’s.


These are by far the best shorts I own. (PoleFit brand) They stay in place, don’t stretch out, and actually cover underneath while being nice and skimpy elsewhere. Unlike other shorts I own, I’m not afraid that I will show off the goods if I do a Hello Boys or something like that. They have absolutely no thigh coverage (basically they are underwear), which I think is really important for sticking to the pole. Personally, I like that they show some cheek, but if that is not your thing, these shorts are not for you!

Another thing- I like to wear underwear with my shorts, and these are not see-through at all.


I currently have 2 pairs of shorts that I favor for class, the first are the Polefit, as Erin has shown above so I’ll just skip doing a photo for that one. I am a big fan of the fact that since these shorts are so stretchy you have no fear of muffin top. Bonus.

The other pair are my Nike Pro Fit spandex shorts, they have ample coverage but I like to kind of bunch up the legs a little and roll down the waist band. What I like the best about my Nike shorts is that they don’t ride up…within reason