Gemini Mount – Jennifer

Gemini Mount <-Click That!

Again, I am too lazy to go through the hassle of creating a YouTube account, so I have posted a link from my other blog which allows me to upload videos without YouTube ­čÖé The video is slightly dark since it was done in a bar, which was deserted by the way.


Allegra Box Splits – Jennifer

Here is my attempt at the Allegra Box Splits, not quite flexible enough to fully pull it off but I’m happy with the progress I’m making. I wish I had gone up higher on the pole so it would be obvious that I am not standing on the floor, because that is the cool part of the trick!


Showcase – Pia

Here a few pictures from the last showcase in, when was that? April?
I did two solo dance routines.

In this picture, I just did a front knee spin all the way to the floor and just arched back.



Gemini on spinning pole, barely able to hold my foot. ­čśë



I keep forgetting how that trick’s called. It’s like the gemini, but outside leg hooked.
Unfortunately my other leg is cut off.



Last but not least, the handspring. One of my favorite tricks and it has to be in my routines!!


p.s. Check out my huge, super dramatic eyelashes. ­čÖé

Jeanie hang and figurehead- Cathe

I finally found my motivation that I have been lacking for a bit now. I have been learning a lot new tricks lately and I have been going to fitness classes. Go me. Yesterday, I finally┬ámanaged┬áto do a Jeanie hang! I’m very pleased. I have been working on this trick for awhile now and really wanted to add it into my combo that I am working on. I also working on the figurehead to something trick on spinning┬ápole and added a┬ádismount, Im still┬áperfecting┬áit.

Jasmine to Jeanie hang to Remi

Figurehead to something plus a dismount- spinning pole

Barb wire to flagpole – Jennifer

The top left photo is called a Barb Wire, the goal is to be able to stretch out your body perpendicular to the pole, which I am attempting to do in the bottom photo. The bottom arm, with its elbow dug into the ribs and the abs are what makes this trick possible, like most tricks, it is a little more difficult to do once up on the pole vs being on the floor. I prefer to just do it up on the pole, can’t wait until I have this one mastered.

Pole Pirouette – Jennifer

Pole Pirouette <–CLICK THAT!

(I don't know if the link works for mobile devices, sorry)

This my Pole Pirouette, I am too lazy to make a you tube account, so I pasted a link from my other blog. This is not my best attempt at this trick, I was trying to do it slow since I was being recorded that made me kind of fumble a bit during the turn. This is one of my favorite tricks, once I work up the courage I want to go straight into a Bomb Drop for a more dramatic effect.