Halloween outfits are fun -Cathe

I love Halloween. I love having a excuse to buy sexy little clothing. I recently bought awesome platform boots, actually two pairs. I bought them used on craigslist. I love buying used things. I don’t mind if they are beat up a bit. I am going to beat them up anyways. The ad said they were 5inch and 6 inch heels but they are 7 inch and 8 inch, the 8 inch ones are intense.

I bought a Pole! -Cathe

So, I finally did it. I bought a pole for my house 🙂 I bought a the X-pole Xpert 45mm Titanium Gold. My roommate even agreed to let me keep it up in the living room. woohoo. It looks a little odd. Basically it is the first thing you see when you walk into the house. I am really excited that I now get to go home and practice all the things I learned in class. Now I need to go home and clean the mess that I made putting the thing together.

First night playing on my new pole. It was actually pretty scary getting on it the first time.

Andrea – chopper and ballerina

The ballerina is not a brand new trick, but there is definitely room for improvement.



I want get mor back flexibility to get my back leg higher. Eventually I want to drop the top arm and extend the straighten leg. But that’s for a other day. . .

This one, the chopper, I finally hit tonight. Granted it for only about 3 seconds, I got the pic and that’s what count.


And this one is my failed attempt at the chopper.


Mind, body, and really bad crotch shots

So we just had our fall showcase which will be the third one I have participated since starting pole a year ago. Its inspiring to see how far I’ve come , but a bit frustrating that I am still falling short (no pun intended) when it comes to certain moves. More specifically, my inverts are not where they should be. I’ve googled search “improve pole invert” to death. All I keep seeing is “use your abs, don’t kick I to it.” This is precisely what I do. I have the ab strength but fail at the rotate backwards piece. I have always been top and bottom curvy, and this is certainly not an advantage when you are trying perform inverted tricks.

At our showcase we had a photographer that seemed to only want to take shots from a certain position and unfortunately all my good tricks in my routine happen to give that photographer some amazing crotch shots. Major bummer. It also seems to highlight my many body flaws.
Like I said before ive always been curvy, with a little extra baggage on the side. I’ve never been fat but I have borderlined it a few times. Now with pole dancing I notice how much muscle I have developed over the last year. I was always a cardio junkie and shunned strength training like the plague, but with pole I have focused so much on improving strength but haven’t taken the time to lose the fat. Why is this important for a pole blog? Because I want to improve, get better, jump that plateau and keep climbing. I have all this choreography in my head but I can’t execute.
So if I lose the ass, I’ll become a poling bad ass.

I’m committing this day forward. I will improve my flexibility, increase strength, and decrease my body fat percent and in six months I will evaluate how I have improved. I’ll try to keep track of what I do, what exercises work for different moves, etc..

By the next showcase which is approximately 6 months away, I am going to be able to do the splits, flagpole, v invert/chopper, handstand with control, hand spring, and off the ground invert. These are my main goals. This means working on my leg flexibility, my abdominal strength, my arm strength, and of course lose some fat.

Pole dancing is more than a weekly class. It’s changed my life. I perceive myself differently, I walk differently, I have more confidence, I feel more in-tune with body and want to do right by it. Pole is as much a physical conditioner as well as a mental one, and I want to get better.

Here’s a shamefully realistic pic of me on day one:


And here is a couple to show how far along my front splits are:



Nikita’s introduction

I just wanted to write a quick post to introduce myself. I have been doing pole dance for almost 6 months and would consider myself at the intermediate level. It has been a life changing experience. I was just tonight telling an instructor that only two years ago I was unable to go an entire day without wearing a back brace due to a back injury and now I am able to do an inversion on the pole. It has taken me a little longer than some to get to where I am now but considering my injury I am very proud of my progress. I am stronger than I have ever been and I am able to do activities that a few years ago I could not even consider and it is all thanks to pole! I look forward to sharing my continued progress with you 🙂


P.S. My profile picture is of me doing a Jasmine which is a move I just recently achieved. My current mission is a lay-back

Thoughts after the showcase -Cathe

I had a blast at the showcase. Everything was awesome. I learned new things and after reflecting, now have new goals:

-I learned that I really do like performing for people. It’s very exciting and motivating, and I would like to perform for more people. This is very surprising to me, since I have never been a performer of any kind and never really liked the spot light.
– My solo routine and my doubles were done two different styles. My solo was very scripted. With my doubles, however, we had a set of tricks and some moves we wanted to do, but it was a bit more fee flowing. I learned there are positives to both these styles. Next time, I think I would like to free style a bit more in my solo, have some combos planed, and maybe have a beginning and end planned, so I have a strong start and finish.
– I realized those freestyle classes that I never went to would have come in handy and I should have stopped chickening out and just gone.

– I also learned I need to stop making this face.

Things I want to work on for the next 2 months:

-Practice form on tricks I already know at home 2-3 times a week.
-Free styling and feeling sexy when I do it.
-I want to go to dance class in my heels and maybe take an intermediate tricks class in my heels.
-Continue going to boot camp, maybe going twice a week.
-I want to add the headstand into my warm up at home–really concentrating on taping up into it and slowly coming out of it. http://aerialamy.com/blog/2011/08/09/tuesday-tips-forearm-stands/
-I really want to concentrate on not kicking into my inverted position and work on doing this with both straight legs.
-Start remembering and gathering songs that I really like and motivate me.

Zombies! -Cathe

The awesome blog this picture comes from.

And a picture I took last night 🙂 Its kinda hard to direct people when you are clinging to a stop sign but I think we did a pretty good job.

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-Not %100 sure if I did this right.