Bomb to Teddy to Sit to Bomb to Remi -Cathe

I added more onto the combo that I was working on last week. I came up with sequence on my own and I came up with a couple of transitions.  I am very proud of myself.  I feel like this this combo is a break though. I have never been very good at come up with combos by myself. I have always just recreated exactly what I have seen. With this combo I decided what to do next because it felt right instead of over thinking what to do next and I think it flows very nicely together.

Cradle Bomb -Cathe

Last week I talked about getting the cradle bomb and today I got a video of it 🙂 I still need to continue to work on it but it is getting less painful. I find that I need to really warmed up to do this one since I need to stick so much.

And in heels and tried to pike at the end.


Question of the week -personal style

How would you describe your personal style?

Andrea – my style is more performance based. I like to Perform routines that I can show a lot of sass and personality. It’s interesting because you can kind of tell by watching someone perform what kind of training they have had. Some girls really like the impressive gravity defying tricks and they usually have some gymnastics background. Some girls love the graceful flexible moves and have really moving flowy performances and they usually have a ballet background. I’ve done a little bit of everything and am told I have a natural rhythm when it comes to dance, but I will always be a drama queen. Theater is something I have been in love with forever. I think that’s why it tend to gravitate towards routine that require that broadway pizazz.

Cathe- I agree with Andrea. I feel like peoples back round affect their personal style. I played soccer for 8 years. I also, lifted weights in high school and collage. No dance at all. I really enjoy doing tricks and combos. Especially strength tricks not so much the bendy ones. I’m not very good at dancing and currently am working on learning 🙂 I’m not really sure what my style is but I know a bit of what it is not. I do not like doing comical routines where you are kind of making fun of yourself. My friend who does a lot of salsa dancing does this very nature sultry dance and again not me. I have recently realized I really enjoy preforming and  my style is still evolving.

Pia – My personal style is hard to tell. There are days I really just wanna do hardcore tricks (unfortunately I’m not quite the bendy person), but then there are days, I could just freestyle and dance as sexy as I can. I do know though that I would rather go in direction to compete at championships than dance on some conventions and stuff. I would rather leave the sexy dancing for my bedroom. 😉
For now I take it as a good chance to get comfortable performing in front of people though.

Superman on Spinning pole -Cathe

Thursday class I was feeling good. I was really motivated and not super sore, which sometimes happens at the end of the week. I did my first really good superman and it didn’t hurt (well not as much as  it has in the past). I have been able to do the superman but I was kinda just muscling though it. I stopped working on for a couple months and tried it again on Thursday and Bam did it!

I also tried a new trick the cradle with one hand. My teacher said if you have a high pain tolerance you can try with no hands. So I tried with no hands and did it! I even did it more than once. I am really excited to try this one again when I am not at the end of two classes and exhausted.


To continue the floor work routine we worked Tuesday we practiced this sequence. (I added this to help my memory for when I want to practice it)

Climb the pole once, invert on left side, hook with outside leg, pose. Grab above knee, go into Jeanie hang. pose. put hands in middle, lift right leg, pull body to right hip. Invert again. hook, pose, spin out, hook with other leg. pose.

I want to try these sequence. When I come out of the Jeanie hang go into a arm pit grip and pull knees up into bomb.