End of the year flexibility -Cathe

I have pictures from awhile ago but I can’t find them 😦 Hopefully they will turn up. We took pictures in flexibility class on the last day of the year. I am not that bendy but I can see improvement and that is exciting.

Right splits

Right splits

Left splits

Left splits

Center splits, I am pleased before I could not get below the line that I am now about two inches below. Normally I am good a pointing my toes but I forgot for the picture.

Center splits, I am pleased before I could not get below the line that I am now about two inches below. Normally I am good a pointing my toes but I forgot for the picture.

Back bend

Back bend

Forward bend

Forward bend

forward bend

forward bend

Flexibility is key in pole dancing

I have been taking a pole flexibility class regularly for about six months and have seen a huge improvement in my flexibility. I still haven’t quite got a full front split, but it’s so close that if I turn my hips out I can touch the floor with my hips. My straddle (or box) splits have dramatically improved too. And even though its not quite as dramatic a difference, I have seen a difference in my back flexibility. This next year I have many fitness goals and the majority of them have to do with improving my flexibility. Here are some shots of my last flexibility class of 2012.


My right split. There hasnt been much change to this one in the last few months. I need a bit more stretch in my hip flexor and I think I could finally nail it.


My left split. This side has seen major improvements. I think my left side is almost as close as my right and that used to not be the case.


My box split. I can go flat if I’m in the froggy position ( legs bent instead of extended) but the full split has a good 6 inches to go. My inner thighs are so tight though and this hurts my knees a bit.


My back bend. I just need to focus on my back flexibility. This needs more work to get the hips higher and more of an arch.



And my forward bend on and off the pole. This is my bread and butter. I’ve always been able to nail the forward bend. Now I need to work on further extending my head to my toes and bringing my legs behind my head.

2012 pole review and reflection -Cathe

I had a great 2012. Many changes came in the last year and I am so happy the direction my life has taken.

One of the best choices I made was joining Knock Out Bodies. I have found a passion in pole dancing that led me to wanting a healthier body. It encouraged me to eat healthier and take fitness class to build muscles to I can nail those tricks I am learning.

Pole dancing inspired me to do things that I once thought was impossible for me, which is something I really value. I’m also so grateful to have met so many awesome people on my pole journey.

I took my first class at the cellar–a kick boxing class that my roommate dragged me to. While I was there I saw that knockout bodies was in the same building and came back the next week to try out a class. The first week of November 2011, I bought my pole membership–only one week after trying a class out. I have been going to my gym for over a year now!

Just looking at how many classes I went to each month is very motivating. The first 3 months I went on average to 11 classes. The fourth month is when I started to really have a lot of motivation and made working out a priority–I started going to 19-24 classes a month. That is awesome. I have always taken fitness classes as well pole dancing classes, and in July, I started to take harder fitness classes at least once a week.

I think the biggest challenge I have overcome this year was getting over my own brain saying that I can’t do things. Once I made the mental switch to “no I can do this”, I know I can. It was that mental switch that I needed to motivate myself. I began working on tricks I wanted to do and really try my hardest on them. I started pushing myself much harder, and I did tricks that I was too scared to do earlier. After getting over that mental barrier, I had confidence to try tricks that I struggled with and no longer felt like I was “looking like a fool”.

Many months later I took another mental step that helped me as well. It was realizing I had gained enough skills and muscles that I could basically get myself out of most things. Not always gracefully but not breaking my neck either. The moment happened when I was trying to do a trick–I think it was the holly drop–on a spinning pole, but I didn’t make it all the way and got stuck in an awkward upside down hold. My thought was “oh god I’m going to die now.” My teacher was right there helping me, she yells and said, “Point your toe!” In that moment I was like, oh, she is confident that I am not going to die and, a step beyond that, I should still be making this look pretty. I took a deep breath and figured out how to get myself out of this awkward hold that I had gotten into.

Something that I have learned about myself in this last year that surprised me is that I like to perform for people. I like the energy you get when there is a crowd watching you and the motivation to give it your all. It’s nice for people to see how far I have come as well. This surprised me because I have never done any kind of performing and always thought I would not enjoy people watching me.

In the last year, I feel like everything clicked into place. I believe I am the most mental and physically fit than I have ever been, which happened because there was the right combination of things coming together. I found a gym that inspired my motivation to go more and was the kind of working out that I really enjoy and do not look at it as a chore. I really love nailing new tricks it’s instant gratification. The drive to be able to do more tricks motivates me to eat healthier and go to fitness classed to build muscle. I have always been active but never felt so motivated as I have in this last year.

2012 has been overall great.


  • Started this blog 🙂
  • Preformed in Spring 2012 showcase, Fall 2012 showcase, and at Sexapolooza — a group performance, two solos and two doubles routine that I help choreographed
  • Hit 1st and 2nd goal-weight and maintained those weights
  • In August, I started video taping my tricks and dances –this really helped me improve
  • Bought my own pole -45mm X-Pole in Titanium Gold
  • Inverted for the first time

My first picture

  • Inverted with no hands -picture taken at Spring 2012 showcase

My first invert

  • Started doing inverted combos on spinning pole
  • First combo I came up on my own

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Blog hop Dec 15th

2012 in Review—Leah

My New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to take up dance again, since I had done a variety of different kinds over the entirety of my life. Around November or December of 2011 I saw this video online (Shown below) and the type of dance that I was going to focus on was made clear. And I’m so glad I did. Not only has pole changed the way my body looks by giving me defined muscles, and helping me shed the last 10 lbs of college weight that I had been carrying around for 2 years, it also gave me a ton of confidence in myself and my body’s ability to do things that I never thought possible. Not to mention, I’ve made many new friends and been able to join a community of amazing, strong, beautiful women who come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. I’ve been an advocate for pole ever since the 2nd class I took last January, and have been known to say that it’s the, “best decision I’ve made in my 20s.”

That being said, what I’m most proud of in regards to my poling are the moves listed below. Many of them I’ve not mastered QUITE yet, but have worked very hard at:

-Ring hold
-Rock Star Spin
-Straight Leg Layback
-Reverse Ayesha
-Teddy & Genie
-Chopsticks (without my legs being straight)

In the next year my goals are to:
-Master all the moves I already know
-Work on making my poling look natural, graceful, and easy (that includes dismounts!)
-Flexibility! Flexibility! Flexibility!
-Master these tricks:
-Straight legged Handspring
-Diva Dive (and Bendy Diva Dive too!)
-All drops
-Work on combinations and spins
-Find my pole performance style that is fun/energetic and impressive, but doesn’t cross my personal boundaries of over-sexualization.

I also want to take this time to say thanks to all the girls that I’ve met at Knockout Bodies, you all are amazing and have come so far. xx

One of the first photos I ever took doing pole:

A more recent photo:

This blog is part of the Pole Dancing Bloggers December Blog Hop.To read the other entries, just click the link below. Remember everyone loves comments 


Blog hop Dec 15th

2012 – My Pole Journey -Andrea

Since I only discovered pole dancing about two months before the end of 2011, pretty much everything I have done this year has been a major accomplishment. I think the biggest accomplishment for hasn’t been the tricks I’ve learned or the master routines, but the fact that I had enough confidence to get up in front of friends and strangers to perform. I’ve been a part of two studio showcases, one major public performance, and one competition. I think that this is my major accomplishment. I have choreographed three routines myself, all of which I feel very proud of. As far as tricks that I have accomplished, I believe there are two categories. One that I am pretty much a master of and two, what I have done, but it still needs work.

Category one
Majority of standing spins, with the monkey being my proudest accomplishment
Cross legged layback

Category two
Handspring (only once with spotting)
Sexy flexi
Inverts (still not where they need to be)
Straight legged layback (not enough grip yet to get good extension)

Not too shabby for me. As for this next year. I want to master all of category two, pole pirouette, holly drop, Gemini, air inverting, armpit holds, and finally nail my full split.


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Poling in Thailand and Laos

Poling in Thailand and Laos

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It’s taken me a while to get these photos uploaded, but this fall I traveled to Thailand and Laos for a month and decided to try some urban poling while I was gone. Take a look at my hap-hazard tricks on street signs (and a temple sign in Laos)…as well as a pole that I found in a club where we saw a LadyBoy show (Thai drag queens.) The show was amazing, but everyone clapped when I pulled out my tricks. Lucky for me I had some liquid courage.