Fresh Blood Performance

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My outfit for the Blood Lust Ball

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This weeks freestyles

Last Friday I did two freestyles and then on Tuesday I did another one. On Friday the first one like normal was a struggle. I was very inspired for the second one. Tuesday was hard because it was at the end of class and we had a couple people in the studio doing some paper work stuff and I decided to freestyle anyways. I was a little distracted but was able to pull it together.

Handstand conditioning

My friend started a group on Facebook called pole challenges. Each month there will be a different goal, this month is handstands. I really love community support and find it inspiring when I see other people working hard on a goal. I have been working on handstands for a while now but I have not put a ton of effort into it.


So in this video I was going about doing my handstands against the wall during our Acro Jam  and I was strongly encouraged to do this conditioning drill. This is the second set 🙂

Here is the video that inspired the pole challenge.

And a few articles that people have posted in the pole challenge group this week about handstands.




Practicing the gold digger drop

I am working on a new trick called the gold digger drop. The gold digger is one of my favorite moves I tend to end up in it a lot when I am free styling on a spinning pole. The new part of this trick is the entrance. I think it looks super cool and was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Now I need to work on doing it faster and smother.

This is the video I found that inspired me to learn it.

Video! Acro Pole doubles routine

I am so pleased with how this performance went, I think we did a great job. Sadly the video is in two parts. Also, I messed up and didn’t give them the right music 😦 I should have had a minute and a half longer solo, so I didn’t end up doing a lot of my tricks. Lesson learned, double check music and don’t prep music last minute.

Freestyle with focus on floor work

Yesterday, at the skill share we talked a lot about floor work. This is the free style I did at the end of class, I tried to do all the moves we talked about. Some of them didn’t work out the best and I definitely lost my grove at the end of it, but that’s ok though just means I need more practice. I really like the move I did at 2:25 and I am happy I remembered to do this little flippy trick at 2:55. I need to get into that smother but I learned that forever ago and totally forgot about it.