Nailed floor titanic then shoulder mount!

I have wanted this trick forever but I was not really working super hard on it. Well I did it! Still need practice but I am very pleased with myself 🙂

And here is me trying this same trick in July 2012. 


I have two blog post talking about wanted to get this trick.


March freestyles -Vera

I am super proud of this one. I was really feeling it and was excited. I am sad the music cut out, I was planning on running up to the pole and jumping on it. I did a couple things I have never done before like move my legs around in the Allegra and the trick at 1 min. Very exciting.

I tried something new and I was not feeling inspired and I think you can tell. Its still good to try new things out.


Oh I forgot two videos.

Starting to work on a new routine with Natalie

So Natalie and I are working on a Acro, Trinidad silks/chain routine. Here are a couple videos from our practice today. This is my first time working with silks.

Here is Natalie doing the sequence that she was teaching me. 


Here I am trying to do the sequence.

And here is us trying out a new trick we came up with.