Official MFC 2014 audition video!

So this summer I joined Minneapolis Fire collective. We just spent the last 11 weeks butting this performance together. Our goal is to get into Burning Man Fire Conclave. Matt and I do Fire Acro around 13 mins. This video was taken is high winds in between crazy storms at Camp Fire.



At rehearsal photo by Roger Kobeska

10348802_10203820227487885_2721719471742223020_o (1)

At rehearsal photo by Roger Kobeska


At rehearsal photo by Roger Kobeska



Chains with Charlie Faraday!

I took a chains class at Camp Fire with Charlie Faraday. This is one combo she taught us, sadly my favorite combo I didn’t get a video of. The biggest thing I learned from this class is Natalie’s chains are smaller than Charlie’s and hurt so much more.