I have always been an active person but I never found something I was really passionate about until pole. As a child I played soccer till middle school. I tried the climbing team and cheer leading which I quit when I broke my arm and was not able to do the fun tricks any more. In high school I started lifting weights, which I really enjoy.

When my roommate tried dragging me to kickboxing, I couldn’t dislike it more. Yet, I am so happy that I went because that studio also had pole classes. I signed up that night for my introductory pole class and soon after Pole became a huge part of my life. It was the perfect fit for me. At first I was going to 3 classes a week. Soon I was going to at least 5-6 classes a week, learning new tricks, and finding more and more satisfaction in the progress I was making. I love the instant satisfaction of learning a new trick but it also motivates me to be stronger to nail even harder things.

Through pole, I found an entire community dedicated to the performance arts. I was introduced to Acro Yoga in June of 2013 and was thrilled when I was able to combine the new Acro tricks I learned with my knowledge of pole. I am currently a board member of the Rabbit Hole Studios where I teach pole classes and host skill shares.

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