Full moon practice – Pia

The full moon is basically a handspring on spinning pole. Not sure what grip it is supposed to be, but I tried the Chinese Flag Pole Grip. Anyway, I just tried it the first times, liked it and wanna work on it. It’s hard to actually hold yourself up there while the pole spins.

Showcase – Pia

Here a few pictures from the last showcase in, when was that? April?
I did two solo dance routines.

In this picture, I just did a front knee spin all the way to the floor and just arched back.



Gemini on spinning pole, barely able to hold my foot. 😉



I keep forgetting how that trick’s called. It’s like the gemini, but outside leg hooked.
Unfortunately my other leg is cut off.



Last but not least, the handspring. One of my favorite tricks and it has to be in my routines!!


p.s. Check out my huge, super dramatic eyelashes. 🙂