Vera Sky’s Fall Showcase Solo!




My Routine to To Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire. On a 45mm Spinning pole. Pictures below by Lion’s Mane Photography.

And after the show

KB Showcase 166 KB Showcase 169 KB Showcase 164 KB Showcase 163

December 29th Ground Zero performance

Wow holiday times really mess with my schedule. It’s hard to workout as much as I normally do when my gym has been closed due to Christmas and New years. I even missed two Saturday classes that I planned on going to because sadly I was being lazy. I am really excited to get back into the swing of things.

I also recently had a show which was messing up my workout routine. I did a show with burlesque MN which was amazing. It was definitely weird being on stage without a pole. Sadly, Ground Zero, our venue, does not allow videos or pictures of the performance. I did get some pictures before the show though.

Our group was the first student performance of the night– that was quite nerve wracking. I liked getting it out of the way though, so we were able to run around and get ready for our next one. We also had both of ours in the first act. I really liked this because I was able to go and mingle with all of my friends who came out to see the show. I loved seeing so many wonderful people that night.

Getting all dolled up

Getting all dolled up

Getting all dolled up

Having a snack while getting all dolled up

My hair looks so pretty, maybe I should start putting a little more effort into it. 

For our first performance, we were Who’s from the Grinch. We used two parts of the song How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The first part was this version from 1-27 seconds. Then it switch over to this song we used 38 seconds to the end.

Right before our first performance.

Right before our first performance in our nighties.

Pouty face :)

Pouty face 🙂

and with our awesome matching corsets.

and with our awesome matching corsets.

Here are a few picture before our school girl performance. The song we used was Walk this Way by Aerosmith, which by the way I had no idea the lyrics were so dirty.  Vera Sky, Salacious Sage and Loretta Lips were school girls who encouraged there unhappy nerdy professor to loosens up a bit by impressing her with their dancing skills  🙂 It was a blast, and I really had a great time acting this one out. I would love to preform this one again.

School girl performance 2

I wish the lighting was a bit better for these pictures

School girl performance 1School girl performance 3

Bathroom picture after our performances.

Bathroom picture after our performances.

Thoughts after the showcase -Cathe

I had a blast at the showcase. Everything was awesome. I learned new things and after reflecting, now have new goals:

-I learned that I really do like performing for people. It’s very exciting and motivating, and I would like to perform for more people. This is very surprising to me, since I have never been a performer of any kind and never really liked the spot light.
– My solo routine and my doubles were done two different styles. My solo was very scripted. With my doubles, however, we had a set of tricks and some moves we wanted to do, but it was a bit more fee flowing. I learned there are positives to both these styles. Next time, I think I would like to free style a bit more in my solo, have some combos planed, and maybe have a beginning and end planned, so I have a strong start and finish.
– I realized those freestyle classes that I never went to would have come in handy and I should have stopped chickening out and just gone.

– I also learned I need to stop making this face.

Things I want to work on for the next 2 months:

-Practice form on tricks I already know at home 2-3 times a week.
-Free styling and feeling sexy when I do it.
-I want to go to dance class in my heels and maybe take an intermediate tricks class in my heels.
-Continue going to boot camp, maybe going twice a week.
-I want to add the headstand into my warm up at home–really concentrating on taping up into it and slowly coming out of it.
-I really want to concentrate on not kicking into my inverted position and work on doing this with both straight legs.
-Start remembering and gathering songs that I really like and motivate me.

Showcase -Cathe and Pia

All dolled up before the Showcase

The video of just me during our doubles routine

A video of just Pia during our doubles routine.

Trick combos at the end of the show

Me and Matt

Nick and Mallory

Our friends

I wanted a cool picture of Pia and me on the pole with our friends around us but it kinda failed.