Jan 2nd Free style!

I have been reinspired by pole again and its really fun. I am excited to freestyle more! Here are my two freestyles from our Friday pole party class.

Absinthe Masquerade lll Duet with Davis

Spinning pole doubles and acro routine! Song  Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) by Flight Facilities.

I am so proud of this routine! I think Davis and I nailed it and had fun while doing it. Like always things I need to remember to do is hold everything longer than I think I need to and smile more! I am so thankful for everyone who took pictures and especially Michael for taking a lovely video again!


Photo By La Roux


Photo By La Roux


Photo By La Roux


Photo by Dena Molly


Photo by Dena Molly


Photo By La Roux


Photo By La Roux


Photo By La Roux


Photo by Jeremy Thompson


Photo By La Roux


Photo By La Roux

Pole Jam at Shake off the Dust event!

We decided to do a low pressure pole performance. It originally was Matt, Alina and me. Before the event we add two more. After everyone has a solo we had a free for all. Sadly, I don’t have the whole thing because my phone ran out of memory 😦 Lesson learned. Don’t be lazy about taking your pictures off your camera especially before a performance.

SUPER (h)EROS Performances



I am super pleased with how I did in both of these performances. I also learned a valuable lesson, which is make sure the pole is set to what you want. My pole was static and I definitely wanted it spinning. I kinda had to throw out a lot of what I was planning but I think I pulled it off pretty well. I love the body wave I did on the pole, I am going to try and remember to do that again. My super man failed but I think it still looked ok.  For our doubles I forgot what came next a couple times. I am still trying to figure out how to remember things better. It was hard because we only had two weeks to put this together but that looks like how it is going to be from now on. I think just preforming I will get better since I used to do the same thing when I preformed solo and I no long do. Matt and I are now choreography for another performance that is less than two weeks away. Then two weeks after that we have another performance. Life is crazy busy and its just going to get crazier as summer is already pretty packed.

My Solo

Our Doubles


Photo by Alina Antoniou Photography


Photo by Lion’s Mane Photography


Photo by Lion’s Mane Photography


Photo by Lion’s Mane Photography


Photo by Lion’s Mane Photography

Photo by Lion's Mane Photography

Photo by Lion’s Mane Photography


Photo by Lion’s Mane Photography

super 4 super 3 super 2 super 1


super 5


super 7




super 6

March freestyles -Vera

I am super proud of this one. I was really feeling it and was excited. I am sad the music cut out, I was planning on running up to the pole and jumping on it. I did a couple things I have never done before like move my legs around in the Allegra and the trick at 1 min. Very exciting.

I tried something new and I was not feeling inspired and I think you can tell. Its still good to try new things out.


Oh I forgot two videos.