Practicing the mermaid

I am starting to really focus on practicing things I learned in the classes I take and trying to document them more. This is not a very good video but at least I can see what I am doing. Its helpful to see what I look like trying new moves expressly when I am failing. We learned this move at the stomping ground from Cassandra.

and what it should look like

Im starting to learn some silks

Im starting to learn some silks and holy buckets is that a different kind of hurt. I have never felt my foot being squished before. Im use to banging it and getting bruised such a different kinda pain.

IMG_3389 IMG_3392 IMG_3391 IMG_3390


And a new doubles move with Natalie

Pole Jam at Shake off the Dust event!

We decided to do a low pressure pole performance. It originally was Matt, Alina and me. Before the event we add two more. After everyone has a solo we had a free for all. Sadly, I don’t have the whole thing because my phone ran out of memory 😦 Lesson learned. Don’t be lazy about taking your pictures off your camera especially before a performance.

My first hula hoop video

I recently have started hula hooping. It turns out I like it a lot more than I thought I was going to. I like that its low impact and I can do it when I am sore. Its also a nice easy was to warm up a bit. I like that I drop my hoop right as the video ends 🙂 Also I can hula hoop at work which is fun.

Also, on a side not I am proud of myself. This week I have done 3 classes, 3 hours of acro jams, one skill share that I did a freestyle in and tonight lift weights and tomorrow another skill share and possible acro jam!


Continued practice on the Trinidad

I think this is the most put together sequence we have made on the trinidad. We still need to iron it out and make it look smoother. It is a lot of work to make up doubles tricks on a whole new structure. I think the most time consuming is that we can’t see what it looks like so we need to video tape it, check it and then change it up if we need to.


March freestyles -Vera

I am super proud of this one. I was really feeling it and was excited. I am sad the music cut out, I was planning on running up to the pole and jumping on it. I did a couple things I have never done before like move my legs around in the Allegra and the trick at 1 min. Very exciting.

I tried something new and I was not feeling inspired and I think you can tell. Its still good to try new things out.


Oh I forgot two videos.

This weeks freestyles

Last Friday I did two freestyles and then on Tuesday I did another one. On Friday the first one like normal was a struggle. I was very inspired for the second one. Tuesday was hard because it was at the end of class and we had a couple people in the studio doing some paper work stuff and I decided to freestyle anyways. I was a little distracted but was able to pull it together.