Pole Jam at Shake off the Dust event!

We decided to do a low pressure pole performance. It originally was Matt, Alina and me. Before the event we add two more. After everyone has a solo we had a free for all. Sadly, I don’t have the whole thing because my phone ran out of memory ­čśŽ Lesson learned. Don’t be lazy about taking your pictures off your camera especially before a performance.

New sequence- Right cupid to figure head to left cupid

I have been playing with a new combo that I saw DirtyBird do and I got finally! First day doing it and I am excited to see what this looks like cleaned up and perfected ­čÖé Now to work on being able to do cupid with out holding my ankle.

This weeks freestyles

Last Friday I did two freestyles and then on Tuesday I did another one. On Friday the first one like normal was a struggle. I was very inspired for the second one. Tuesday was hard because it was at the end of class and we had a couple people in the studio doing some paper work stuff and I decided to freestyle anyways. I was a little distracted but was able to pull it together.

Freestyle with focus on floor work

Yesterday, at the skill share we talked a lot about floor work. This is the free style I did at the end of class, I tried to do all the moves we talked about. Some of them didn’t work out the best and I┬ádefinitely lost my grove at the end of it, but that’s ok though just means I need more practice. I really like the move I did at 2:25 and I am happy I remembered to do this little flippy trick at 2:55. I need to get into that smother but I learned that forever ago and totally forgot about it.

New combo and ring hold variation

Yesterday, in spinning pole class we learned a new combo with a couple new tricks. I am excited to continue to work on this one. I also learned a new variation on the ring hold. I think that one looks so pretty. Its my favorite trick right now.

Sit to plank variation to hello boys then thread though to a new trick to star

Bomb thing to one handed ring hold to ring hold

Superman and a combo

I worked on Inverting to Superman. I was able to do it but it needs to be cleaned up. I am excited to work on this one more.

I also added a trick to the combo I have been working on. Not sure if it looks the best in this sequence but the trick its self is pretty.

Bomb to Teddy to Sit to Bomb to Remi -Cathe

I added more onto the combo that I was working on last week. I came up with sequence on my own and I came up with a couple of transitions.  I am very proud of myself.  I feel like this this combo is a break though. I have never been very good at come up with combos by myself. I have always just recreated exactly what I have seen. With this combo I decided what to do next because it felt right instead of over thinking what to do next and I think it flows very nicely together.

Cradle Bomb -Cathe

Last week I talked about getting the cradle bomb and today I got a video of it ­čÖé I still need to continue to work on it but it is getting less painful. I find that I need to really warmed up to do this one since I need to stick so much.

And in heels and tried to pike at the end.