Question of the Week -Stage names

What is your stage name and how did you select it?


I love my stage name: Vera. However, it took me a while to come up with it because I knew I wanted a sexy name that I felt connected to. After thinking about it for a while, I had an ah-ha moment.

First off, I am a bit of a nerd and have gone through many Sims phases–the computer game where you create characters and then they have a life. I started playing Sims when it first came out in 2000–when I was in middle school. I have played all three versions of the game and most of the expansion packs.

Every time I played Sims I had a character who I enjoyed trying to see how many babies she could have with as many people as possible before she died. (which is pretty funny if you know me) This character’s name started as Candy and switched to Vera later. She was always a sexy blonde who wore little bitty clothes. The character was confident and flirty and knew what she wanted and went and got it. Which is exactly the kind of character I want to portray on stage.

Myss Angie-

I think a stage name is one of two things, either something different than yourself, like a pseudo self or character you’d like to play, or something that portrays yourself as you are. So, I have two names, Kitty-purr-fit and Myss Angie, respectively.

Kitty-purr-fit is anonymous and mysterious, while Myss Angie is… well, me! Outgoing and not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve.

I choose those Kitty-purr-fit cause I like to respond to something sexy by saying “oh kitty” or “purr baby,” and I threw in the fit part because it describes the strength it takes to be a pole dancer.

Myss Angie was a natural choice for me because I like to teach and I have been called Miss Angie so often throughout my life, I wanted to twist it up and spell it differently.


My stage name took a lot of thought (because I have nothing more pressing to think about) and a lot of soul searching. Did I want a stage name that was sexual, cutesy, inventive? What did I want my name to say about me? I wanted a name that was unique, something that highlighted my strengths as a performer, something that had value and wasn’t overly used or cliche. I did several google searches to see how other people came up with their name. People used pet names, favorite movie or book characters, gemstones, etc. None of these did it for me. I finally I consider what I do best as a dancer. I’m not the strongest, the most fluid, flexible dancer. But I have always been told I have sass. I have a strong stage presence and I own the audience when I’m performing. I apparently have charisma. And that’s how my stage name came to be. I changed the spelling a bit to make it more unique, but the meaning is the same. As for a second name, that was easy. Blue to sort of rolled off my tongue after Carissma. Its my favorite color, as well as the color of my favorite gemstone. I’ve also been told its the color of my aura (if you believe in such things). The birth of my stage name, Carissma Blue.


hello all!

i’m a new addition to this blog which makes this question perfect!

my stage name is salacious sage.

i used to go by “atangled tree” but have slowly been trying to change this. I also have my own personal blog that focuses on philosophy and poetic prose, and I use atangled tree as my name there too. When I realized that atangled encompassed a different personality for each my writing and performing, changing my name became a priority.

i thus found salacious sage. i love the name sage and one of my favorite words is salacious. i mean–who doesn’t like something that means indecently sexual? and the alliteration is just a bonus!


Question of the week -personal style

How would you describe your personal style?

Andrea – my style is more performance based. I like to Perform routines that I can show a lot of sass and personality. It’s interesting because you can kind of tell by watching someone perform what kind of training they have had. Some girls really like the impressive gravity defying tricks and they usually have some gymnastics background. Some girls love the graceful flexible moves and have really moving flowy performances and they usually have a ballet background. I’ve done a little bit of everything and am told I have a natural rhythm when it comes to dance, but I will always be a drama queen. Theater is something I have been in love with forever. I think that’s why it tend to gravitate towards routine that require that broadway pizazz.

Cathe- I agree with Andrea. I feel like peoples back round affect their personal style. I played soccer for 8 years. I also, lifted weights in high school and collage. No dance at all. I really enjoy doing tricks and combos. Especially strength tricks not so much the bendy ones. I’m not very good at dancing and currently am working on learning 🙂 I’m not really sure what my style is but I know a bit of what it is not. I do not like doing comical routines where you are kind of making fun of yourself. My friend who does a lot of salsa dancing does this very nature sultry dance and again not me. I have recently realized I really enjoy preforming and  my style is still evolving.

Pia – My personal style is hard to tell. There are days I really just wanna do hardcore tricks (unfortunately I’m not quite the bendy person), but then there are days, I could just freestyle and dance as sexy as I can. I do know though that I would rather go in direction to compete at championships than dance on some conventions and stuff. I would rather leave the sexy dancing for my bedroom. 😉
For now I take it as a good chance to get comfortable performing in front of people though.

Question of the week: The trick that keeps eluding us.

What is our one trick that we want to master. The trick that keeps eluding us, but we know once we have mastered it, we really have become skilled pole dancers.

Andrea – There are so many that I absolutely want to master like the handspring, but I will definitely know that I made it when I can do a Jade split drop.

Mine is not necessarily a trick but I will feel extremely accomplish once I am able to do the splits. I have never been a flexible person and before recently never dreamed I would ever be able to do the splits. I still have a long way to go but I now see it as a goal I can reach.

For a actual trick it would be mastering the hand spring. I believe I can master this eventually but have not put much effort into learning it yet. There are other tricks that I want to master before I set my sights on the hand spring.

Pia – I agree with Cathe on the splits! Once I can invert and go into a split or something like that, I know for sure I’m a skilled pole dancer. Other than that, handspring and pole stand both from starting on the pole!

Question of the week. Bruises and sore muscles.

Favorite treatment for bruises and sore muscles:


I don’t have much of a regimine for bruises, but for sore muscles I like to take a hot bath with detox salts, I’m not sure how it works but it does. I used to use Epsom salt before I used detox salts, and it’s pretty much the same effect, just cheaper and easier to find. Also, if I have a tight muscle, I like to loosen it up by putting a hot, wet towel on it for 10-15 minutes and then stretching it out. Make sure you stretch it out really well, or it will tighten worse than it was before since it was warmed up.


I agree with Jen on the bath with Epsom salts for sore muscles and it helps with bruises too. The pain of bruises isn’t what bothers me as much as the leopard pattern I get on my arms and legs. The best way to mask bruises is sunless tanner whether it is Mystic or a DIY tan. Best camouflage ever.


I often continue working on tricks even when I know I will have a bruise later. I pretty much always have bruises some where. Truthfully, I am not the best at actually doing all of these things but I am working on it. Also, I think it’s good to share all of the tricks that I have heard of.

For the first 48 hours ice the area, then heat afterwards. The idea is that ice closes up capillaries, reducing blood flow to the area, which gives the broken vessels time to heal. After 48 hours, you should be done with this part. You then use heat to open them wide, to let all the goodies in your blood break up and process the clot.

Once you’re done with the ice stage, vinegar, warm water, and witch hazel applied to the area can help the heat along while it does its thing, speeding up the time it takes for that bruise to clear.

In addition to this, there are all kinds of neat tricks to help a bruise heal faster. You can but basic white toothpaste on your bruises or you can buy arnica gel at a local Heath store. A poultice made of parsley spread on the area and left on overnight, reduces inflammation and helps the bruise heal faster. To make a poultice, soak the leaves in water and when softened, apply to the area, and cover with a bandage to keep it in place.

When the bruise gets to the yellowing stage, sunlight (but please don’t sunburn yourself!) clears out the chemical that causes the yellow color, which is called billiruben. You may be familiar with this technique if you’ve ever heard of someone “baking the baby” to cure infant jaundice.

Mind your ibuprophen, aspirin, etc. You don’t want to be taking pills that will thin your blood.

Question of the week- Words of encouragement

What are your favorite words of encouragement?


Best words of encouragement that Jen (a knockout bodies instructor) told me at my first pole class ever are simple, “Don’t give up after your first class”. I think that applies even after the 50th class. Its easy to get to a point where you convince yourself that you will never be able to do that handspring, or your inverts will never look as good as someone else in the same class, or you are discouraged cause someone is catching on faster than you. For me, I am bigger than several of the girls that are in my class, which makes some of the moves more difficult. But I have two choices, 1) I could pout and quit, or 2) I could keep trying and working. And when I finally accomplish the Gemini with no hands, it won’t matter that I did it months after someone else. It will matter that I did it, me, on my own. And the best part is that the pole community (or maybe just the amazing girls at knockout bodies) are so encouraging that your triumph is theirs. So don’t give up. Its that simple.


On facebook I liked a couple of women’s fitness pages. So I will get motivational pictures and such in my news feed.

This is one of the ones I saw awhile ago. I really like it. Your not going to see improvements tomorrow, not even next week. But if you keep at it, you will. I have made it past 12 weeks and people can see the effort I have put in. I am looking forward to seeing my progress in another 12 weeks.

I am not flexible and I have never put much effort into stretching. Lately, I have been forcing myself to stretch more, pushing myself to reach goals that I once would never dream of trying. I’m not there yet but I am working on it.


My favorite words of encouragement are “Yes, you can do it!”
Plain, simple and true.

Whether or not you did any kinds of sports before, when you start pole dancing you think, you’re never going to be able to do any of it. That’s what I thought when I started. You see your instructors and maybe other girls in class who are poling the crap out of themselves and all you do is starring and disbelieving in yourself.

BUT! Right there you gotta believe in yourself, give your best and don’t just give up on it, because YOU CAN DO IT! There’s hard work behind it and it sure takes a little while, but you’ll be surprised what a damn good pole dancer you can actually become. With every visit at the gym you improve. Keep going and don’t make excuses; then you’re going to be on your best way.

“The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten!”

Question of the Week? 7/23/2012

So I have a question for all you pole dancers. I am in desperate need of a good pair of pole shorts. I need a pair that don’t ride. Where did you find your shorts and which ones do you like best?

Cathe- I currently have four pair of shorts.

My black running shorts.

-I really likes these, I wear them a lot. I got them from target over a year ago. They are fully covering, maybe a little too much but they do bunch up so I can still do a pole sit in them. I normally roll the top down a couple of times and they still look good.

The gyms knockout bodies shorts

-These are more like boy short underwear than shorts. I really like them but they are not fully covering. My bum is not fully cover in these which is fun sometimes.

I will take a better picture of these later.

Youth rainbow shorts

-These shorts are awesome and fun. I do need to wear underwear under them because they are not tight around my thigh. I got them at dicks sporting goods in the youth clearance section.

Pink volley ball shorts.

-I don’t like these shorts. They are a little too tight for me. They also are made to go over your belly button and don’t really look good when I roll them down. They don’t stay rolled down either. They are not comfortable to wear without underwear because the seams are not covered. I also got these at Dick’s.


These are by far the best shorts I own. (PoleFit brand) They stay in place, don’t stretch out, and actually cover underneath while being nice and skimpy elsewhere. Unlike other shorts I own, I’m not afraid that I will show off the goods if I do a Hello Boys or something like that. They have absolutely no thigh coverage (basically they are underwear), which I think is really important for sticking to the pole. Personally, I like that they show some cheek, but if that is not your thing, these shorts are not for you!

Another thing- I like to wear underwear with my shorts, and these are not see-through at all.


I currently have 2 pairs of shorts that I favor for class, the first are the Polefit, as Erin has shown above so I’ll just skip doing a photo for that one. I am a big fan of the fact that since these shorts are so stretchy you have no fear of muffin top. Bonus.

The other pair are my Nike Pro Fit spandex shorts, they have ample coverage but I like to kind of bunch up the legs a little and roll down the waist band. What I like the best about my Nike shorts is that they don’t ride up…within reason