Freestyle with focus on floor work

Yesterday, at the skill share we talked a lot about floor work. This is the free style I did at the end of class, I tried to do all the moves we talked about. Some of them didn’t work out the best and I definitely lost my grove at the end of it, but that’s ok though just means I need more practice. I really like the move I did at 2:25 and I am happy I remembered to do this little flippy trick at 2:55. I need to get into that smother but I learned that forever ago and totally forgot about it.

Doubles with Matt

First day playing with this trick. I was so easier that I though it was going to be. Next, I want us to work on Matt moving his hand off the pole and on to my hand. Also, I want to do this one spinning pole.
1491558_428706503924940_293556450_o 1501016_428706500591607_809448560_o

Diva spin

Blisters suck. Yesterday I had a little blister underneath a callous that popped. It made tricks class a lot harder. It did force me to work on tricks on my non dominate side. I even got a video of me doing the monkey on my left side. That will be up at the end of the month with everyones money combos.

I need to work on what to do with my hand. In the video you can tell I am not sure where to put it.