Hand spring, Aysha, Bird and Star

With both of these tricks I felt like I held them for a good amount of time but not really the case. Its crazy how things feel like a lot longer when you are doing it compared to reality. I also need to work on breathing when I am doing tricks.


Bird no hands





New combo and ring hold variation

Yesterday, in spinning pole class we learned a new combo with a couple new tricks. I am excited to continue to work on this one. I also learned a new variation on the ring hold. I think that one looks so pretty. Its my favorite trick right now.

Sit to plank variation to hello boys then thread though to a new trick to star

Bomb thing to one handed ring hold to ring hold

New tricks for the new year – doubles plank, superman, gemini, flagpole modified

Exciting day for me in the pole trick department. Finally nailed the Gemini (outside leg) hold. I have been pole dancing for 1 year and 3 months and have finally nailed this trick. See, doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than other people to get a trick, the point is to keep practicing and try not to get discouraged.

Also did a pretty awesome looking doubles trick with Cathe. My back was not great so I couldn’t get the pelvis lifted as high as I wanted to have a more flat plank, but here is our doubles plank!

And finally a few tricks I’m still working but getting better

The beginning of the flagpole.


And the low to the ground superman. I swear, my feet are off the ground. Barely. BTW, if you haven’t tried this yet, it hurts!!!

Working on the Yogini/ring hold

Last Monday, I was feeling very motivated. It was a good tricks class. I went to Beginners/intermediate class which I don’t really like doing because I am not a beginner. This week though I was not able to get to any advance classes. I am working on perfecting tricks in high heels, so when I go to Beginners/intermediate I bring my heels. Dancing in high heels instantly makes you look so sexy but I need practice in them to make my tricks look fluid.

Lately, my favorite tricks are armpit holds like the teddy and other variations. I am continuing to work on my newest trick the yogini/ring hold. This time I was able to get into it a bit soother and I pulled my legs this time. I think it looks very pretty. I tried to bomb at the end but that needs work. I think I want to try bombing and putting my arms behind my back next time.

I need to remember to ask people to hold my phone the other direction so the video pops up bigger.