Hand spring, Aysha, Bird and Star

With both of these tricks I felt like I held them for a good amount of time but not really the case. Its crazy how things feel like a lot longer when you are doing it compared to reality. I also need to work on breathing when I am doing tricks.


Bird no hands





Gemini Mount – Jennifer

Gemini Mount <-Click That!

Again, I am too lazy to go through the hassle of creating a YouTube account, so I have posted a link from my other blog which allows me to upload videos without YouTube 🙂 The video is slightly dark since it was done in a bar, which was deserted by the way.

Jasmine mount – Cathe

I believe this is called a jasmine mount. It’s pretty scary to learn because you can’t see what you are doing. The trick it self is not that hard but still is pretty nerve wreaking even after I have done it many times. In this video i did not end the trick as nicely as I could have. I would like to add this in my routine for the showcase.

Jasmine mount